Sunday, April 25, 2010

here a post, there a post...

When we arrived at plot A today, there was a kind neighbour scraping the land. Then, thanks to two extremely generous helpers, Sprinkle and our friend, the fence went up at the farm and the beginnings of a fence were started at the home garden. It was a day of digging, placing, backfilling posts and putting up wire fencing; plus enjoyable chit chat, coffee and donuts care of another friend who joined us later in the day. We were lucky to have sunshine, given it's been raining buckets for weeks now. Phew.

It's pretty impressive. I am very fortunate to have lovely, skilled, and might I say strong helpers. Unfortunately this up-and-coming-farmer does not (yet) have the pipes to be able to hold and/or work an auger. Perhaps next year...Now on to tilling and planting...

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sprightly Seedlings...and struggling seedlings...

Well, this weekend was busy with moving the sprightly seedlings from their tiny plugs to their 4" pots! I had the starting of a meltdown when I went to retrieve the seedlings on Friday night to find that they were bone dry (I forgot to water them that of the dangers of trying to do too many things at one time) and about 1/8 of them looked like they were going to croak. I wanted to cry...all those weeks nurturing them everyday so we could feed people and in one day they almost perished. Of course, I then overwatered them...ugh. However, given that it has been pretty warm around the house, this didn't hurt them any. Overall I lost about 10 plants and I still have oodles growing. Phew!

Here are some of them. I think they are beautiful!

Bell peppers, looking so healthy.
Beans (which apparently should not start from seed but look how great they are growing...)

And first ever (last year it didn't work)

These pics were taken on the front porch...they were resting in their new pots here and then today they went outside for the first time and enjoyed a warm shady spot in the afternooon. Sprinkle just finished making me my third raised garden bed at home and some of these seedlings will be making their way there soon--the next upgrade.

I signed my contract for the 1/8 acre plot, which I mentioned in an earlier post. For clarity-sake, the 1/8 acre plot will be referred to as "A garden". "B garden" will be at my friend's house and "C garden" is here at home. With three locations soon to be on the go, we're off to a great start.