Saturday, January 30, 2010

it all starts here

in my heart i am a farmer. i wanna be a real farmer. now the trick--get from here to there.

the past three days i have been immersed in the world of agriculture, more specifically horticulture, by attending 'short courses' at the pacific agricultural show. i was immensely inspired by two delightful first year farmers and a 30 year industry wise fellow. i am grateful to the three of them, as well as the people who were willing to chat with the 'wanna-be farmer'. there were awesome students who offered encouraging suggestions of how to find funding for my future, tips on possible niche crops, and a reminder to stay close to positive people and far away from those who say 'that's impossible'.

although this is my third year of veggie gardening in a small area of my backyard, this will be the first year i put in a seed order. on the high of the last three days, i crawled into the seed world (aka catalogue) and began eagerly planning this year's harvest. thanks to a welcome 'new-to-me' greenhouse that arrived this christmas, my growing season and (hopefully) harvest will be expanding this year. ooooh what anticipation!

i hope that if you happened by here you will find something that pleases you and that you will consider returning to see how my garden grows and the ripples we create.

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