Thursday, June 3, 2010

Home, Beautiful Home

While I was away, Sprinkle made me a deck for outside my greenhouse (out of recycled fir flooring I found earlier this year on Craigslist) as well as planted beans and peas. I am so delighted!! It's simply beautiful. The finishing touches are happening around here and it is almost complete, after about six months of revamping what was a dreary eye-sore in the backyard (pictures on the left are before; pictures on the right are now).

Upon my return this week the following were planted in the remaining garden beds at home: quinoa (which sprouted after four days!), turnips, beets, kale, brussel sprouts, swiss chard, eggplant, sunburst squash and cucumbers. That makes for a very full garden and much excitement to come.

Headed out to garden A, which we call "the farm", and I was so happy to see this:


The potatoes and broccoli are all sprouting - YES! We worked five more rows and put all the seedlings in the ground including: cucumbers, sunburst squash, cantalope, four or five different kinds of peppers (some were labelled and some [sheepishly] were not), and tomatillos. It looks pretty green right now and like something is happening, which is starting to feel good. I am bit concerned because I haven't seen any bees around, so I am going to take out some flowers to plant to lure them over. Within a few weeks I'll have a picture up of the development, which I am certain will be lush, green, flowering veggie plants! Grow little plants grow...we're counting on you.


  1. wow that's so exciting to have your own garden and watch them grow!

  2. .......when you will eat your own peas you'll be crazy, belive me!!
    Nothing compare with the peas you buy!!

  3. beautiful garden, sorry, I meant farm you have. I too am a tormented farmer. I grow things in containers, because of the conditions of my property. Last year I grew a garden, I mean a mini farm at my in laws and loved it. loved the bees, the ladybugs, the butterflies it attracted. I would have put animals in it except the city wouldn't allow it. Can't wait to have a farm of my own. My husband and I are working on acquiring at least 5 acres of land so we can do permaculture. So no one understands you more than I. In the mean time there is a lot to enjoy even in a small garden. It's just so beautiful to see how things grow, after motherhood, growing a garden is the most rewarding thing there is.