Sunday, February 7, 2010

everything leads back to farming....

...and I know this isn't sustainable. It's hard not to be overzealous, obsessed and constantly planning in my head. I have tried not to talk about it as much as I am thinking about it (although people around me may be surprised by this statement as it may feel this is all I am talking about!) I just finished reading the book On the Farm by Jimmy Doherty. He's a bloke in England; a friend of the famous chef, Jamie Oliver. It was fun, inspiring and got me thinking about raising pigs. PIGS!

There is a good chance that I could get a small parcel of land to farm this year. Yes, true! I am currently working with a local agency that helps new farmers find land to lease. I will be papering the city with posters looking for any landowners/farmers who would like to participate. Keep your fingers crossed for me that the perfect parcel will appear soon. Can you believe it...farming this year...oh goodness. See why I might be obsessed?

My seed order has not been put in yet. It will be. I am just a bit stuck about how much to order. I am not exactly sure how to figure this out, and so this will be my task for this week. Sprinkle kindly dragged one of the shelves from the shed to the greenhouse. My plan is to plant some left over seeds from last year and see what happens. Some will be in a seedling tray out in the greenhouse and some will be in a seedling tray kept in the house. I want to compare the outcomes of both and see if I can deduce any good tips/strategies for glorious veggies. I will keep you posted!

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  1. Its a good idea to get into farming & grow our necessities organically. I & hubby do have the same plans in the near future. All the best for your farming venture. Hope your future updates will guide the new comers.