Sunday, February 28, 2010

stuck, impatient, hopeful, excited

So, although I have spent hours trying to figure out my seed order, I haven't placed it yet as I haven't secured land yet beyond my own backyard and some from a friend. So feeling stuck and impatient, I planted seeds last night that were left over from last year, and sadly not certified organic seed, although they will be grown organically. Given that the endearing Scottish women in my life LOVE brussel sprouts, you can see the sheep keeping close watch of their progress! Sprinkle decided to plant tomato seeds to see what happens, just to the right of my seed tray (which you can't see in the pics). And, we've got our cool blue earth compost bin starting to work.

One tray of seeds is in an upstairs window; seeds planted in a starter mix and put on a warming tray. The seeds in the second tray are planted in peat, in the greenhouse, and covered with a clear plastic tray lid. Let's see what pops up first and how strong the seedlings are and I will report back. Food is on the way...go little seeds go!

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