Wednesday, March 10, 2010

it's a beanstalk!!

Well, some of the seeds are well on their way. Especially the green bean seeds that I saved from a green bean last year. The leaf in the picture is one of the little seeds that took's three times the size of any of the others...WOW!

And take a look at the precious beet and green onion seedlings. So cute! The beet seedlings that were out in the greenhouse are suffering a bit from our zero degree weather this week. Fingers crossed that they all come back, now that they have been moved inside. A few broccoli seeds have started, all the green beans and all the green onions are on their way. Some dill seedlings, too. Brussel sprouts are nowhere to be found, same with the carrots. :(

Sprinkle's tomato seeds are doing well and I will include a picture of them on the next post. So, about 10 days into growing and we have about 1/3 of the seeds showing. Not bad for last year's seeds. This weekend I will be planting more and placing them under the grow lights. Grow little seeds grow!

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