Monday, March 15, 2010

When you let go, something arrives...

It was only early last week that I decided I would let go of the idea of my own farm starting this year. Times have been stressful for a while, and as of late it feels like my teapot is whistling just a little too long! I had determined that I would work at a local organic farm and learn along the way. Then, in my email last night, I received a reply message from a woman I had contacted a couple of weeks ago about possibly farming on her land. I had all but given up hope on this contact as I hadn't heard from her and didn't even know if the contact info I had was current. After a couple of emails, we agreed to meet. It was a delightful meeting and I must say I am quite thrilled with a) her generosity and b) the possibilities. I will, OF COURSE, sleep on it. However, at this point it seems extremely hopeful and exciting. Stay tuned...

On another note, it was time to plant garlic (I know lots of people say don't grow it in the spring, but the local gardening store I trust said it works so I am giving it a go). I also planted onions, beets, potatoes and jerusalem artichokes. The weekend was so darn beautiful I just couldn't help myself. You can see I had competing puppy felt is was playtime while I was planting potatoes.
Although he looks pleasant and happy and patiently waiting, just take a look at the second picture...that's him when his toy isn't being thrown when he wants...not so peaceful or patient! At least he wasn't digging up what I planted. Now that I have used up most of the bed space already, I am crossing my fingers that Sprinkle will help me build three more beds...YES!!

Here are the results of my cheap, quick, store bought soil test kit. It was fun and felt all kind of scientific-ish. After this test, Sprinkle and I went to the local depot and shovelled a load of compost into the back of the pick up and once home added it to the garden beds. Hopefully that will address any major deficiencies. If you think I should be concerned about any of the colours in the bottles, be sure to leave me a comment. I probably won't respond as I will be outside shovelling buckets full of compost from the pick up (or having dreams about it being finished--phew!)

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